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Welcome to the Estate and Medicaid Planning Information Center, brought to you by Kendall Maddox and Associates. We are an estate and elder law planning law firm in Birmingham, AL, whose mission is to provide families with quality estate and Medicaid planning resources. When you visit or call our office, we want you to feel comfortable discussing such important issues with us concerning both you and your family. We want to arm you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your family’s future.



News & Events


Jennifer Griffin Selected to Speak at
Probate & Estate Planning Conference

Associate Attorney Jennifer Griffin was one of thirteen
Estate Planning and Probate experts selected to speak at the
Alabama Law Weekly’s 6th Annual Probate & Estate Planning
Conference, held at the Birmingham Marriott on May 19-20,
2016.  Among the other speakers were attorneys from many of
Birmingham’s most prominent law firms and Judge
Sherri Friday, of the Jefferson County Probate Court.

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Jennifer Griffin to Speak at Elder Law Seminar

Associate attorney Jennifer Griffin will speak at the upcoming
Elder Law Seminar, sponsored by CLE Alabama and the Alabama
State Bar.  The event will take place on Friday, February 26, 2016
at the Embassy Suites Hoover Hotel in Birmingham.

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Attorneys Attend AAEPA Spring Summit in Louisville


Seth Capper, Lorraine Maddox and Kendall Maddox at the American Academy
of Estate Planning Attorneys’ Spring Summit Conference in Louisville, Kentucky,
pictured above at the AAEPA social event at Churchill Downs before the races
on the first night of Kentucky Derby week.

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Estate Planning: Wills and Living Trusts

Through the use of Living Trusts, Wills (simple & complex), Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Irrevocable Trusts, Family Limited Partnerships, and Charitable Gifting Strategies, our firm helps families preserve their wealth for future generations, minimize estate taxes, and avoid the expense and nightmare of probate.

Legacy Planning

Legacy Planning is a more holistic approach to estate planning. We help clients preserve their financial wealth and their legacy, including their life stories and family heirlooms, for future generations. Our non-traditional planning methods include special provisions and protections in Living Trusts, Wills (simple & complex), Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Irrevocable Trusts, Family Limited Partnerships, and Charitable Gifting Strategies. This planning also includes minimizing estate taxes, avoiding the expense and nightmare of probate, protecting against remarriage after death of the 1st spouse, and protecting beneficiaries from a possible future divorce.

Family-Owned Businesses & Farms

Our law firm offers estate planning assistance for the unique needs of Family Businesses and Farms. We help clients preserve this important part of their legacy for future generations.

Incapacity Planning

Our law firm helps clients create a plan to handle their affairs in the event of an incapacity before they pass away. This includes planning to avoid a Living Probate or Guardianship proceeding.

IRA & Retirement Planning

Our law firm has experience in the complex area of estate planning with IRAs and other retirement plans. We help ensure clients and their beneficiaries are protected by employing tax reduction techniques.

Elder Law & Medicaid Services

We help clients qualify for government medical benefits legally and ensure their estates are preserved for their families, instead of their nest egg being wiped out by high nursing home expenses.

Asset Protection & Business Planning

We help clients who are small business owners and those who are most susceptible to being sued by assisting with Lawsuit and Asset Protection. We also assist with Business Succession Planning and Small Business Planning. Some of the tools and strategies used are Family Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies and Buy-Sell Agreements.

Estate Planning and Your Pets

Our firm cares about the welfare of your pets. Your beloved pets need to be protected in the event you are no longer there to take care of them. Estate Planning and implementing a Pet’s Trust can ensure that your pets are provided for after your death.

Special Needs Planning

We offer assistance to clients who have special needs family members by creating Special Needs Estate Plans. These tailored plans help them preserve government benefits while having their loved one cared for in all areas of their life: financial, educational and medical, and most importantly, their emotional and personal needs in the future.

Trust Administration & Probate

We help families who have experienced the loss of a loved one with the ensuing Probate or Trust Administration process.

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